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People @ TGS

TGS has an excellent nexus of intelligent and hard working people. The success story of the Company is solely due to the contribution of its workforce. People working in TGS are from varied disciplines and come with strong and diverse work experience. The company believes in rewarding achievements and acknowledging commitment and dedication to work.

Career Development @ TGS

Tata Growth Shop provides unending possibilities of growth for its employees. From campus recruitments to mid career shifts, the Company specializes in culling the best available talents in the country. Therefore the choice of internships is paid as much importance as mid-level management recruits.

TGS recognizes the importance of continuous enhancement of knowledge, skills and capabilities of its employees and invests in various training programmes for its employees (both on and off the job). Right training to the right person at the right time is the basis of all its career programmes. The company's training modules are, thus, not absolute but tailor-made –based upon specific career needs and performance expectation of an employee.

Work Ambiance @ TGS

TGS offers the best-in-class facilities and work environment to its people. The factory area complies with global standards of facilities and safety.  The Company is committed to strengthening its human resources by equipping them with better tools, technology and work techniques, along with creating a healthy work environment. Employee welfare schemes, safety measures and other facilities in the factory premise are reviewed and upgraded periodically.

Current Openings @TGS

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Production Capabilities

The Manufacturing facilities at TGS includes one of the best machining facilities in the country, a large and well equipped fabrication & welding shop with crane lifting capacity of more than 100T, a big assembly shop to carry any complicated precise assembly and a heat treatment shop.


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