Tata Growth Shop (TGS)


- Design
- Fabrication
- Preparation
- Welding
- Heat Treatment
- Shot Blasting & Painting
- Machining
- Lathe
- Gear Manufacturing
- Horizontal Boring
- Vertical Boring
- Milling
- Assembly
- Quality Assurance
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Accuracy is the watchword in the machining section at TGS. The section is equipped with over a 100 precision Machine Tools, that includes the latest Computerized Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines, Medium and Heavy Horizontal Borers, Vertical Borers, Profile Turning Centers, Plano Millers, etc.

TGS can produce machine components of various weights and sizes, all the while maintaining a very high degree of accuracy. Special care is taken in offering training to the shop floor team members, who operates these machines. It is this vital combination of man and machine that makes each assignment taken up by the Growth Shop, an exercise in precision, quality and guaranteed reliability.

TGS has world class machining facilities in the following categories:

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