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Industrial Equipments

Industrial Cranes Manufacturer Industrial EOT Cranes Supplier Custom EOT Cranes Design & Manufacturer India EOT Cranes


Industrial Cranes ManufacturerTGS has been recognized as the undisputed market leader in the design and manufacture of cranes ranging from 1 ton to 340 tons for various classes of duty and application. The Growth Shop has manufactured more than 350 Cranes (including EOT Cranes, Semi Portal Cranes, Gantry Cranes etc.) for application in Steel, Cement, Aluminum, Hydel Power etc.



Crane Design Features

Expert designers put together their experience and vast knowledge nurtured over the decades to design Cranes to perfection at TGS.

Some of the design features offered are:

  • Stringent adherence to national and international standards and codes for producing state-of-the-art design.
  • Optimised trolley layout, with the least of undesirable stresses obtained after required clearances.
  • Grade evaluation of each component to cater to the operational requirement the crane through its life.
  • Fatigue based girder design to ensure adequate life (critical for heavy duty cranes)
  • Design optimization through automation software ensures reduction in crane weight (with the least theoretical limits), adhering to all operational, design and safety standards. Crane weight reduction offers additional advantage to customers, by facilitating reduction in the building weight.
  • Stress analysis of critical components through FEM and Pro-Engineer
  • Adequate and safe provision of platforms and passages for the repair and maintenance of components such as Gear Boxes, Long Travel Wheels, Motors etc.
  • Trouble free life of the Crane with lesser down-time –almost all cranes produced and supplied by TGS in the last three decades have been running successfully till date, with the same level of performance.
  • Design optimization for wheel size, gear boxes, motors – ensuring high reliability
  • Design of critical cranes with safety factors taken into consideration, which includes the impact of seismic zone, thunders and storms

Customised Crane features

  • Creep speed as low as 0.2 m/s
  • Single failure proof cranes
  • Provision for isolation and overload relays for motors
  • Hoist brakes with adjustable and dust proof design
  • Smooth controlled jerk-less movements
  • Controls designed to prevent skidding and swaying
Custom EOT Cranes Design & Manufacturer India

Special Features & Attachments

  • Air conditioned operator cabin and control electrics
  • Radio remote control
  • Anti-collision device
  • In-built weighing system
  • Motorised lubrication system
  • Stepless hoisting speed control
  • Slack rope detection system
  • Grab Bucket
  • Magnet Handling
  • Coil/Slab Handling Tongs
  • Lifting Beams etc
  • Easy-to-maintain & repair modular drives
  • Parking brakes ensuring additional safety during long journeys
  • Auto positioning systems, for picking up and holding the coils to pre-programmed locations and orientations
  • Rotating type trolley
Industrial EOT Cranes Supplier
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