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People Development

With the initiation of the process of Environment Management System (EMS) & Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSMS) implementation, numerous training and awareness programmes have been undertaken by the Company for its employees as well as contractors’ employees. Manpower training is an essential part of the oganisation’s management programme.

Tata Steel has in-house facilities for technical as well as management training. The training needs of all the employees are identified through the Training Need Survey.

Human Rights, Diversity & Opportunity

The Human Resource policy of Tata Steel lays stress on recognising people as the primary source of its competitiveness. An equal opportunity employer, Tata Steel endorses the articulated position of the Tata Group in the Code of Conduct, with respect to equal opportunity and non-discrimination. In accordance with this policy, prospective employees at all entry level positions are provided equal opportunities so as to attract the best available talent and create a cosmopolitan workforce.

Respect for individuals and their rights is a core belief at Tata Steel. Any violation is dealt with as per the prescribed law. Tata Steel also ensures protection of the Fundamental Rights of individuals, which are enshrined in the Constitution of India. The Company has made it mandatory for its suppliers and contractors to implement Human Rights norms.

"Happy and enthused employees" is an important constituent of Vision 2007 of Tata Steel . All employees have been trained on the objectives of Vision 2007.

The quality of life of its employees, developing their talent and maximising their productivity as well as ensuring transparency, fairness and equity in all its dealings with the employees is an important component of the Company’s Human Resource Policy.



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